5 Reasons to Order Takeout on the Fourth of July

So you’ve agreed to host this year’s Fourth of July party and the guest list has gotten a little out of hand, or for whatever reason, you’re just not in the mood to fire up the barbecue and cook for a crowd of people this year. Fortunately, we have the perfect solution to all of your holiday woes. While ordering takeout might not seem like the most traditional choice for this year’s Independence Day menu, we guarantee that once you’ve tried it, you’ll never go back. Whether you opt for bucket of fried chicken, a giant bag of burritos or a more traditional barbecue feast, here are five reasons why you should order takeout on the Fourth of July.

Avoid the supermarket mayhem

supermarket mayhem

If you’ve ever been to the grocery store ahead of a major holiday, you know exactly what we’re talking about here. Crowded parking lots, huge lines at the checkout, and the inevitable panic when you realise that all of your local stores have sold out of barbecue sauce or some other essential ingredient needed for your Fourth of July menu. By getting food delivered, you can ensure that the only crowd you’ll encounter this Independence Day is the crowd of family and friends in your backyard enjoying their delicious delivery feast.

No mess, no stress

A traditional family barbecue might be a fun way to spend the Fourth of July, but only if you feel like spending the Fifth of July cleaning up the giant mess you’ve made. Cleaning the grill alone could take the whole day, and even if you tried to cut corners by using paper plates, there will still be a mountain of prep and serving dishes to conquer. Save yourself some stress and let your local takeout restaurant do the prep work. Sure, there might be a few containers to clean up, but your barbecue will be as grease-free as the day you bought it.

Leave the fire to the fireworks

Fireworks and American flag

Every year on the Fourth of July, hospitals across the United States see a spike in barbecue-related injuries and burns – not to mention the disasters that occur when families decide to break out the deep fryer. Oddly enough, we’ve yet to hear about someone burning themselves while ordering takeout! So, if you’re set on a barbecue feast but prefer a risk-free approach, simply order up from your local takeout barbecue restaurant. The only risk of burns will be if you take a bite of your food while it’s still too hot.

Something for everyone 

4th of july bbq takeout option

It can be tricky to accommodate everyone’s tastes at a Fourth of July barbecue party. There will always be the vegan aunt, the gluten-free cousin, the keto sister-in-law, and plenty of other dietary restrictions to go around. Rather than trying to prepare a separate menu for each and every picky eater, let your local takeout restaurants do the work. Print out a couple of delivery menus and let everyone circle their order, then order from two or three restaurants to ensure everyone is happy.

Free time, family time 

How many barbecues have you been to where the designated ‘grill-master’ barely gets to spend any time with the rest of the family? This year, order takeout and let everyone relax and enjoy each other’s company without having to worry about how everyone likes their burgers cooked. You’ll free up hours and hours to simply sit back and enjoy this Independence Day with the family. Check out our website for tasty takeout options.



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