Bitcoin Pizza Day May 22;

Maybe you heard the story from the guy that paid 10.000 BTC for a pizza back in 2010? At today’s Bitcoin price it is worth around $500million. It was not only the first bitcoin transaction known but also added on our calendars the bitcoin pizza day. For two pizzas. At least they were quite large pizzas.

first guy that bough pizzas with bitcoins

The order was placed on the 22-5-2010 which made that day special and well known as the Bitcoin Pizza day.

bitcoin pizza day may 22, 2010

Whether you believe or not in bitcoin, the reality is that the bitcoin price keeps going up.

If you own bitcoins you probably don’t want to be on the news for the same reason. You will want to keep your bitcoins and pay your next pizzas with dollars. 

What if you could order that tasty pizza that you love, keep your bitcoins and at the same time support the Human Rights Foundation’s (HRF) Bitcoin developers fund and small business? Now you can. 

Yes that is correct!

BitcoinPizza just launched in the US. 

bitcoin pizza business

The service is already operating in 10 big cities (San Francisco, Los Angeles, Seattle, Chicago, Boston, New York City, Washington D.C, Miami, Austin and Houston) with more to come soon. 

BitcoinPizza partners with independent pizza restaurants that can deliver and do takeout of their tasty pizzas to you.

As Bitcoin popularity rose, the scams and cyber attacks related to it grew as well. 

There are a lot of fake twitter accounts pretending to be Laszlo Hanyecz asking for donations ( a very typical scam)   

Laszlo Hanyecs twitter account fake
another Laszlo Hanyecs twitter account fake

There are other incentives and promotions going on for the bitcoin pizza day, look out for other Pizza Restaurants and see if any promotion is available. May 22 is becoming well known worldwide as the Bitcoin Pizza day and pizza lovers are benefiting with it.

We hope you enjoy your Bitcoin Pizza Day!

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