Date Night In

The typical date night doesn’t involve takeout, but here at TASTYFIND we believe that romance doesn’t need to involve the hassle of making a reservation at a fancy reservation and trekking across town. We’re big fans of a date night in, especially when accompanied by a delicious takeout meal. After all, who wants to spend their romantic evening in doing dishes? We know takeout isn’t always the most romantic option, but luckily for you, we’re experts in dressing up a delivery meal. So, whether it’s a birthday, anniversary or just a date night in with that special someone, here are our top tips for making your next takeout meal a truly special occasion.

Tip One: Try something new

Dim sum

There’s absolutely nothing wrong with ordering from the same local restaurant multiple times (we all have our favorites) but since it’s a special occasion, why not try something new? We also recommend putting some thought into the menu, because there are certain takeout meals that are slightly more sophisticated than others. So instead of a delivery burrito, we’d recommend something a little more refined, like a fresh pasta from your local Italian restaurant. Or even if you’re ordering Chinese food for the millionth time, take this opportunity to get something a little fancier than your typical Sweet and Sour Pork, such as Peking Duck or some delicious delivery Dim Sum.

Tip Two: Set the table  

Takeout dine-in

Sorry, but just this once we’re going to have to put our foot down and forbid you from eating your takeout meal on the couch! This is a romantic night in, after all. So take a few minutes to set the table, open a nice bottle of wine, light a candle or two, and when your delivery date night meal arrives, plate it just as nicely as you would expect from your favorite local restaurant. To take your plating to the next level, check the fridge for anything that might work as a garnish. If you’ve ordered Mexican food, a slice of fresh lime or a sprig of cilantro will be the perfect finishing touch, and if you’ve ordered Italian, some freshly grated parmesan will make all the difference.

Tip Three: Dress to impress 

Just because you’re staying in for the evening doesn’t mean you should spend your date night in your pajamas. While you’re waiting for your food to arrive, comb your hair and choose a nice outfit so you’ll look your best by the time the meal arrives. Be sure to wear something that you’ll be comfortable in, though—our expert opinion is to choose a nice stretchy fabric to accommodate that inevitable takeout food baby.

Tip Four: Turn off the TV

no tv

Takeout and Netflix is a classic combination, but not when you’re trying to have a romantic evening in. So turn off the TV and just enjoy each other’s company, and that beautifully plated meal that you’ve ordered. To really take things to the next level, we recommend finding a playlist that fits the type of cuisine you’ve ordered. Whether it’s Mexican food or Indian, we’re sure there’s a Spotify playlist to fit the bill.

Tip Five: Order dessert

original tiramisu order

The most popular takeout order is just a main dish, perhaps with an appetizer or two, but no date night would be complete without dessert! Check your local restaurant takeout menu and see what desserts they have available to complement your meal. We’d recommend tiramisu for your Italian meal, or a traditional Gulab Jamun if you’ve decided to go with your local Indian restaurant.


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