Healthy (and Delicious) Takeout Meals

There’s really nothing more satisfying than a takeout meal delivered straight to your doorstep. It’s convenient, affordable, requires no dishwashing, and you can enjoy a delicious meal without even changing out of your pajamas. The only downside is that takeout isn’t always the healthiest option, so we probably shouldn’t enjoy delivery meals as often as we would all like to. Or, we could just be a little more selective about which dishes we order… and still order takeout all the time. Who’s in?

Here are a few of the healthiest takeout meals for each of the most common delivery cuisines, as well as a few dishes to stay away from if you’re trying to eat a little healthier. Most of these takeout dishes are likely available on your favorite local restaurant menus, so the only thing left to do is pick up your phone and order your delicious meal.

Thai Food

grilled Tandoori style dish

We all love our takeout Thai curries, and it’s very easy to convince ourselves that they’re healthy because they have lots of vegetables. The sad truth is, Thai curries also contain coconut milk, which is full of saturated fat. So if you’re trying to keep things lighter, why not go for a delicious Tom Yum soup for your next delivery meal? Besides being soup-er flavorful (see what we did there?), this dish is packed with veggies. For an even lighter option, most Thai food restaurants offer delicious salads, such as the refreshing Som Tom (papaya salad) or Yum ma-muang (green mango salad).

Indian Food 


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The most common Indian takeout dishes tend to be pretty heavy, and loaded with cream (sorry, all of you Tikka Masala lovers out there. Fortunately, you can easily lighten up your next Indian delivery meal without sacrificing flavor. Opt for a grilled Tandoori style dish next time you order from an Indian restaurant near you, paired with a side of basmati rice and a tomato-based Chana Masala chickpea curry. Mmm, our mouths are watering already.

Mexican Food

chicken fajitas mexican food delivery

When we say ‘Mexican food takeout’, your mind probably immediately jumps to that ridiculously huge burrito from your go-to local Mexican delivery restaurant. Yeah, that’s probably not the healthiest option on the menu. (Please don’t hate us, we’re just the messengers!) For a healthier Mexican takeout meal, try Chicken Fajitas with a couple of soft corn tortillas on the side. Go for black beans instead of refried beans, and some fresh salsa instead of heavier toppings like sour cream and cheese.

Chinese Food


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We know, there’s really nothing better than a huge plate of takeout chow mein, but there are likely much healthier options on your local chinese food delivery menu. Beef with Broccoli is a classic Chinese food delivery option with a good balance of lean protein and vegetables, and can even be enjoyed on its own with no rice. If you can’t imagine chinese food without rice, choose steamed rice instead of heavier options such as egg fried rice. Some Chinese delivery restaurants even offer brown rice, which is a more filling and wholesome alternative to plain white rice.

Italian Food

steaming plate of meatballs

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The ultimate delivery comfort food, Italian food can also be one of the heaviest takeout options. When ordering takeout pasta from an Italian restaurant near you, try to avoid cream-based sauces and choose lighter tomato-based options instead. If you’re craving delivery pizza, go for a more authentic thin crust option (stay far away from stuffed crust, friends) and choose healthy toppings such as mixed vegetables rather than super fatty meat toppings. For a low-carb Italian takeout option, consider ordering a steaming plate of meatballs and a fresh salad or a side of vegetables.

We hope these options showed you that healthy takeout meals can still be delicious! Now the only question is, which takeout option will you be ordering tonight?


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