Top 5 Delivery Burritos in San Francisco


San Francisco is home to countless epic burritos, especially if you’re willing to venture out to one of the city’s many Mexican restaurants. The only problem is that not all of them offer delivery, and sometimes you just need your burrito to come to you. With that in mind, we’ve pulled together a list of the best burritos in the city that are available for delivery. Just be sure you’re hungry, because in true San Francisco fashion, these burritos are about the size of your head. In no specific order here is our top 5 Burritos in San Francisco.


5. Taqueria El Castillito 

Taqueria El Castillito

Some people say the super burrito at El Castillito is big enough for three meals… but this would require a level of self-control that we simply don’t possess. It’s true that the portions are massive, especially if you spend the tiny bit extra to upgrade to their ‘super burrito’, but we recommend taking things a step further and going for the wet burrito. It comes smothered in red and green sauces and your choice of filling, but trust us when we say that carne asada is the correct choice.


4. Taqueria dos Charros 


When you’re craving a Mission-style burrito but don’t live near the Mission, Taqueria dos Charros delivers… literally. Our personal favorite is the chicken super burrito, but with consistently fresh and flavorful ingredients, you really can’t go wrong. The only downside of ordering takeout from Taqueria dos Charros is you won’t be able to enjoy one of their legendary micheladas, but with all the time you’ll save by ordering online, you can learn to make one yourself!


3. El Burrito Express 2 

el burrito express 2

Don’t let the basic name deceive you – the burritos at El Burrito Express 2 are anything but basic. In fact, they’re some of the most creative takeout burritos we’ve tried, with unique fillings ranging from sweet potato fries to pineapple. The huge menu can be a little overwhelming, so if you’re not sure what to order, we highly recommend the El Flaco (grilled chicken with house-made salsa verde), or the Surf and Turf (shrimp and carne asada) if you’re feeling extra. No matter what you order, be sure you have plenty of napkins handy because these burritos are messy in the best possible way.


2. El Metate

el metate restaurant

El Metate is known for their authentic Mexican plates, especially their chicken mole, which is also available in burrito form. The subtle chocolately sauce has won many local prizes, and legend has it that the owner Francisco had a long-standing competition with his mother as to who made the best mole, and in the end, she declared him the winner. If it’s good enough for Francisco’s mom, it’s good enough for us!


1. Pancho Villa Taqueria 

Pancho Villa Taqueria San Francisco Mexican Restaurant

Pancho Villa Taqueria has been a local burrito legend since the 80s, and since they now offer delivery, you can enjoy their foil-wrapped treasures from the comfort of your own home. The Garlic Prawns burrito is mouth-wateringly good, especially when topped with one of Pancho Villa’s award-winning salsas. This is also one of the few takeout burrito places in the city with just as many vegetarian choices as meat ones; plant lovers can choose between grilled vegetables, house-seasoned tofu, rice and beans, or our personal favorite, chile relleno.



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