Best Takeout Chicken Wings in the USA

Whether you’re planning a weekend barbecue or it’s just another Sunday at home, chicken wings are one of the most versatile takeout options out there. A small order is the perfect takeout meal for one, while a larger order can easily feed a crowd at your next party. They can be sweet, spicy, or somewhere in between, so they’ll keep even the pickiest eater happy. They’re also a tried and true menu option for holiday events like Memorial Day or 4th of July BBQ parties, because what’s more patriotic than a big old bucket of wings?! Whatever the occasion, here are our top picks for tastiest delivery chicken wings in the country.

If you like ‘em hot…

Hot wings have become a badge of honor for many restaurants across the country, all claiming proudly that their hot wings are the hottest in the land. The added bonus of ordering delivery hot wings is that you can enjoy them in the privacy of your own home, so nobody will see how red your face gets while eating them. Our vote for the best hot wings in the country goes to Jake Melnick’s Corner Tap in Chicago, IL. Their XXXX Wings (that’s right – 4 X’s) are coated in a house sauce so spicy that we’re not entirely sure it’s fit for human consumption… but for some reason, we eat them anyway. Not to worry though, if you aren’t up for the XXXX challenge, there are plenty of other (slightly) less spicy options on their takeout menu.

jake melnicks chicken wings

If you’re a chicken wing purist…

The chicken wing that started it all, the buffalo wing is one of the most popular takeout orders on the Tastyfind website. No matter where you order from, you have a good idea what to expect: they should be equal parts tangy and spicy, with a generous portion of blue cheese dressing on the side and a couple of celery sticks to make you believe that you’re eating a healthy meal. Despite a certain level of predictability, there’s an art to the perfect buffalo wing, and we believe that Bar-Bill Tavern in New York have mastered it with their perfectly crispy wings and mouth-watering house-made sauce.

buffalo wings

If you’re a hard-core foodie…

Chicken wings aren’t typically known as a gourmet meal. They’re most often enjoyed in local dive bars or while slumped on the sofa, usually devoured straight from the takeout box. In recent years, though, chicken wings have started popping up on the menus at trendy restaurants around the country, including Charcoal Venice in Los Angeles. Chef and Owner Josiah Citrin has two Michelin stars to his name, and his smoky grilled chicken wings with oregano and chili will make you understand why. The best part is, they’re available for takeout so you can have the best of both worlds and enjoy a gourmet meal in your finest sweatpants.

best chicken wings

If you’re a messy eater (and proud)…

Is there anything more satisfying than getting your face and fingers absolutely covered in delicious, sticky barbecue sauce? Barbecue wings are a firm family favorite, partially because they’re not usually too spicy and partially because kids love getting messy. No matter where you live, we’re sure you can find a local restaurant with bbq wings on the takeout menu, but our all-time favorite delivery bbq wings have to be the Smoked Out Wings Bone Lick Barbecue in Atlanta, which come double dipped in a house-made chipotle barbecue sauce. Need we say more?

smoked chicken wings

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