Top 5 Delivery Sushi Restaurants in Manhattan

You couldn’t throw an edamame bean in Manhattan without hitting a sushi restaurant, but that doesn’t mean it’s going to be a good one. There are few meals more disappointing than mediocre sushi, and we’ve all experienced those rolls with more rice than fish, and bland flavors that need to be piled wasabi and ginger in order to be enjoyed. Needless to say, with sushi, it’s important to get it right, so we’ve put together our list of the best delivery sushi restaurants in Manhattan.

5. Quan Sushi Grill

Top 5 sushi restaurants in Manhattan

There are plenty of fancy sushi places in Manhattan, known for their bold flavors and creative rolls… but sometimes you just want to enjoy a simple Spicy Tuna Roll or the creamy comfort of a Philadelphia Roll. Quan Sushi Grill is the perfect place for simple, unpretentious sushi rolls made with quality ingredients. Quan is also much more affordable than the other options on our list, so you can enjoy melt-in-your-mouth sushi without breaking the bank.

4. Hatsuhana Sushi Restaurant

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One of the most popular dishes on the menu at Hatsuhana Sushi Restaurant is called ‘Box of Dreams’, and it only takes one bite to understand why. Not only is it one of the most Instagrammable sushi dishes we’ve ever ordered, but it’s also one of the most flavorful, with nine different kinds of sushi presented in tiny bowls over rice. If you’re looking for a menu to impress a date, this is it!

3. Tanoshi Sushi & Sake Bar

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The fact that Tanoshi always has a line out the door should tell you something about the quality of their food. Fortunately, they offer takeout, so you can skip the wait and enjoy their famous scallop or fatty tuna from the comfort of your own home. The takeout menu at Tanoshi is more varied than some of the other options on our list, with several crowd-pleasing options such as Chicken Teriyaki Donburi, so it’s the perfect option for a group setting where you might have a sushi hater or two in your midst. 

2. Ikebana-zen

best sushi restaurants in manhattan

While not the cheapest option on our list, the incredibly fresh and flavorful sushi at Ikebana-zan is worth every penny. With fish delivered fresh each and every day, we usually skip the Maki Rolls at Ikebana-zen and go straight for the Sushi & Sashimi Omakase, which really highlights the mild flavors of the fish. It’s a great way to try a bit of everything, and comes with edamame and a side salad as well. It’s also beautifully plated, making it the perfect choice for a fancy night in.

1. Sushi Azabu

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Plenty of sushi restaurants offer only a few basics on their takeout menu, saving the ‘good stuff’ for the in-house diners. This is definitely not the case at Sushi Azabu, where the variety of fish simply can’t be beat, whether you’re eating in or ordering from home. We recommend the Maguro Tuna Flight, which includes sushi, four varieties of tuna sashimi, and a tuna roll, and is guaranteed to transform the way you look at tuna.  

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