TastyFind is now live in the US

We are delighted to announce that TastyFind is expanding to the US after the success in the UK.


The food delivery industry in the US keeps growing at a rapid pace. More than ever before consumers are ordering online their meals from the comfort of their sofa. This is making more restaurants opting to deliver food and have their menu online for consumers to find and order from it. Restaurant owners are not having much of a choice but to be online and offer a delivery service for their menu. This can be either by having their own fleet of drivers or partnering with other platforms that have their own fleet. UberEats is an example that uses its own drivers whereas Grubhub uses a restaurant fleet of drivers. The competition in this space is also growing. In the US it is possible to find more than one hundred online platforms that show which restaurants are available to order food based on the consumer’s address. Each platform has their own service fees, different delivery fees and times, food quality control and not all restaurants opt to sign up to all these platforms. This is the reason why we developed TastyFind.

Founded by technology experts with extensive knowledge in the food delivery industry, TastyFind provides the most comprehensive search algorithm enabling the consumer to have the best meal with the best deal. We aggregate all online platforms giving consumers more choice and not limiting the consumer to the top cuisine types like Chinese, Pizza, Indian and Burger. Popular and trendy cuisine types such as Vegan and vegetarian can also be found through TastyFind.

TastyFind gives consumers more choice and enables them to find new and tasty food at the best price available.

Start now by using our services at www.tastyfind.com

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