Top 5 Delivery Thai Food Restaurants in San Francisco

While Thai food may not be the cuisine that San Francisco is best known for, there’s an abundance of outstanding Thai restaurants dotted throughout the city if you know where to look, many of which offer delivery. Whether you’re looking for a comforting plate of Pad Thai or an inventive fusion-style curry, here are our top picks for takeout Thai food in San Francisco.

5. Marnee Thai

Marnee Thai is right next to Golden Gate Park, so on a rare sunny day you can get your meal to go and eat it picnic-style. The rest of the time, you can have your meal delivered straight to the warm comfort of your own home. For a three-course Thai feast, we recommend starting with an order of Marnee’s famous potstickers with green curry sauce, followed by the beef Pad Kee Mao for the main, and of course, mango sticky rice for dessert.

4. Hippie Thai Street Food

Located on the iconic Haight street, Hippie Thai serves up familiar Thai classics alongside more inventive street food options such as Hippie Chicken Wings, which come sauteed with sweet garlic sauce and topped with crispy basil. Whatever you order, you can expect it to be fresh and flavorful, but if you happen to love duck, you’re in luck. The Hippie Thai menu features duck in a variety of ways, from stir fry to salad to an incredible duck curry.

3. Chaiya Thai 

Chaiya might not be the cheapest Thai food option in San Francisco, but it’s a great option if you’re looking for a slightly more upscale takeout meal, perhaps for a date night or a celebratory meal. Try the glazed calamari with chili jam glaze to start, and continue with the seafood trend for your main (you’re in the city by the bay, after all) with the ‘Seafood Paradise’ – a mix of seafood and kabocha squash in a mild yellow curry sauce.

2. House of Thai

At first glance, the House of Thai takeout menu might not look like anything special. They serve dishes that you’ll find at most Thai food restaurants in San Francisco, but with one key difference: they’re better. A great example is the pineapple fried rice, which has just the right balance of sweet pineapple, crunchy cashews, and perfectly seasoned meat. One word of caution: House of Thai are known for their fiery dishes, so be sure to add a note to your order if you can’t take the heat, or order a portion of Thai tea ice cream to cool your palette after your meal.

1. Khan Toke Thai House 

We think everyone should dine in at Khan Toke at least once, to experience the traditional atmosphere (shoes off!) and stunning decor, but this seemingly ‘old-school’ Thai food restaurant is just modern enough to offer delivery. The takeout menu consists of traditional dishes done right, so we recommend choosing one of the classics: pad thai, green chicken curry, or spicy fried rice.

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